Startsida Falkenbergs kommun

The Public room – give your opinion on Falkenberg

English interpreter 11/4 at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

To be able to find out what the public thinks, the municipality will try out a different
approach – a living room in the middle of the town. The development leader for the
town centre, Henrik Olsson, will be on the spot to listen to the citizens from the 3 to
the 9 of November 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
This time it will be specific questions concerning the town centre of Falkenberg.
– We know that there are many good ideas on how we can accomplish a more
attractive town centre. This is a method to try to collect as many as possible,
says Henrik Olsson who would like to get suggestions on how Falkenberg can
become more alive, inclusive. accessible and beautiful.
One of the overall goals for the municipality is to improve the dialog between
everyone who lives here or stay here. This attempt will be a new way of doing this.
During one week Henrik Olsson will be here at the public room, a room with a glass
wall at Rörbecksplatsen, to listen to the suggestions. Representatives from the
municipality and other participant will also be present. They will both listen and
share their information about the town centre and about the opportunities of
influence everyone who lives and work in Falkenberg can have.
Levande stadskärna viktigt

The importance of a vibrant town centre

These ideas will afterwards be passed on to people capable of doing something
about the matter - it might be a house-owner, shops, restaurants, associations - or
of course the municipality. Ideas that come true shall contribute to a more attractive
town centre. What is an attractive town centre? Everything can be contained within
this notion - culture, art, meeting places, commerce, inspiration, food, recreation,
something to pass on the way to something else, something to get to and where
you want to remain, pulse, pause.
– The town centre of a town means a lot to the municipality at large. A vibrant town
centre becomes a positive spiral that can rub off on the whole municipality, says
Johan Risholm, town architect.
All ideas will not come true.
– We will however, as far as possible, tell you how it goes. Sometime on our website
or through the people concerned, in other cases personally. Some propositions
might be easy to accomplish - others might take years, says Henrik Olsson.

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