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The Municipal Archives

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The archives are generally available mon-fri 9am to 16pm, but it is advisable to contact us before a visit. We will also gladly try to answer any questions you might have through phone or email. We mainly keep documents from 1863 to the present time.

The archives are mostly from the municipal authorities, but there are also some from ceased private associations and companies in the municipality. The municipal archives are part of our national cultural heritage. The information we keep is of importance to genealogical and local history research, as well as to research and information retrieval done by the present municipal administration.
The Swedish principle of public access to official records gives everyone the right to take part of official records that have originated through the activities of the municipal organisation. Most of the records in the archives are official and therefore available to the public. Some of them, however, are according to the law of secrecy confidential for (maximum) 70 years.
Through the Municipal Archives, our Municipal executive board supervise and support the other boards and companies owned by the municipality in archival and record management matters.
We do not keep church records, those are kept at The Regional Archives in Lund
For genealogical matters you may also want to check out The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies.

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